Here is a little get to know me!

Sandie Jo Salisbury.... I am many things all wrapped up in a crazy little package! First I am a wife and mom; This is the biggest part of my life.. my world .. and that will never change. Next, I am a creator of many things. I love a good challenge.

Photography wasn't just something I chose to do, it kind of adopted me. I finally gave in and let myself take pictures full time about in 2006. Whether it is business or pleasure, it's in me and I can't - nor would I ever want to - escape it! It is important to me for my clients to know who I am. I know getting the best pictures is about knowing who someone is and capturing that moment when they shine without even trying.

Photography with me is different in the way that I thrive on finding the little moments that get caught between two people. Catching the grooms bashful smile as he sees his almost wife for the first time on their wedding day. The look of a brides mom as her daughter is announced as a married woman! The characters I meet and the relationships I get to witness is everything I ever dreamed of in a job and in my most passionate pursuit in life. Waiting for the light to glimmer and then catching that glow.. that's what I live for. Here are some of the things that help me shine everyday:

FAMILY..... I have been blessed with the gift of life. I have FOUR AMAZING kiddos who surprise me and entertain me everyday. Of course they wouldn't be without my other half.. my wonderful hubby, Alex. THE pillar who holds us up and keeps me going. He is the reason why I can chase after this crazy dream I have. My family is my world. Together we are goofy and creative and loud and groovy and breathtaking... I could go on for a while :)

FAITH..... In understanding that everything is done for a reason and has been set out in a perfectly thought out plan, I know that God is watching me and cheering me on. I know I am here for a purpose and that includes sharing the light and the love that he has put inside of me.

RAIN..... I can never get enough of it! Born in southern California, but not one of those who hides away during the 5 non sunny days. I love to be in the rain... standing.. running... driving.... anything will do. But of course the best is sitting in my house with a huge, hot cup of coffee, just listening to the sounds of the drops falling to the ground. I love the smell of asphalt as the fresh rain hits it during a hot July day! I love how we rarely get rain but when it's here .. it POURS!!!! I love the tiny rivers that form down the side of the streets and letting my kids splash in puddles is perfectly alright!I now live in Washington state and actually see less rain where I live now, than I did growing up in so-cal!!! (I do not live near Seattle) My family relocated to Kennewick WA in the summer of 2010 and I continued to create moments and collect memories with all the beautiful characters I have met way up here  in this SUNNY SUNNY area!

COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE..... warm, cold, hot, medium.. just give me a lot of almond milk and a touch of honey. I might be a bit of a nut for this one.. It keeps me going!

I also love socks, chocolate, strawberries, and reading and chocolate... in case you missed that part!

I would love to meet you and hear about your life and what you are looking forward to having me capture. You can find me on social platforms or call/email me.